Canoe Trailer Kit I built to pull behind my Goldwing

In the summer of 2007, I bought a canoe and built a kit trailer to pull it behind my Goldwing. I found this Trailex trailer on the internet, and it was the best one suited for pulling behind a motorcycle. Lightweight and sturdy, made out of aluminum, and only 90 pounds fully assembled. It was the best I could find... but not the cheapest!

The Kit was excellent. Delivered by UPS in two boxes. Upon unpacking, it was obvious that it was a quality trailer. It was raining the day it was delivered and I was anxious to get started on it. So I built it in my living room... counting on the prospect that I could get it out the door once it was assembled. Here it is:

Two boxes delivered by UPS.

The packing was fantastic!. It was a liquid foam sprayed inside a plastic bag in the box that once "hardened", completely surrounded and protected the components. Great idea.

Here's the components in the two boxes:

Inspecting the components :

Instructions read, ready for assembly. Main beam assembled:

The patented design is pretty slick. A sturdy square main beam with adjustable "T" bolts in a slotted channel:

Bow stop/handle and forward cradle assembled:

Rear cradle, axle and suspension assembled:

Add the wheels, fenders, light brackets and loading roller and it's done. That was too easy!

OK... got it outside, now it's time to wire it up. I had to buy a custom 5-pin plug to replace the standard 4-pin plug on the trailer and make it Goldwing savvy. I had to add additional lights for the turn signals also, because on a Goldwing, the brake lights are separate from the stop lights. The plug was re-wired to the Goldwing configuration that matches my cargo trailer, so now it's "plug and play". All the wires are marine grade.

Here's the wires before I ran them through the main beam from the hitch to the back:

To pull the wires through, I ran a tape measure up through the main beam from the back to the front, attached my wire harness to it and pulled it through:

Here's the wires at the back end:

I bought some galvanized steel to make a bracket to add the additional lights :

Lights attached and wired up.:

Before I tighten everything up, I better put the boat on the trailer to check the alignment of everything:

Looks good. Now I can clean up my wiring:

Here's the plug after cleaning all the wiring up:

Done! Looks good! I bought a protective cover for the canoe. This will allow me to store "stuff" in the canoe during transport without it blowing out of the canoe. In there I have 2 lifejackes, 2 paddles, 1 kayak paddle for soloing, fishing pole, tackle box, anchor, bug spray, bailer, GPS, and a cooler full of goodies! :

Here's the rig next to the Wing stable:

Ready for a road test run. I road tested the trailer with the cover on it to 100+MPH. She pulls just fine!:

The place of my maiden voyage! This is fun!:

I hope to get alot of time in this canoe. This was a fun project!:

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