Custom Built Snake Cage

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31- Bare bones cage right now... coming along. 32- Just about done. Cage in place, wired up, and starting to add furniture. 33- Cool! I just need to add water bowls and substrate.
34- Daytime lighting. 35- Night time lighting, Black light up top, red light below. 36- Night time lighting with top fluorescent light on.
37- Water bowls and substrate in place with fluorescent light on. 38- Water bowls and substrate in place with night time lighting. 39- Peruvian Rainbow Boa up top, Columbian Red Tail Boa below. They LOVE IT!!
40- Their names: Rainboa up top, and Connie Constrictor below.  :-) 41- "Cool" hide box on bottom, "warm" hide box with basking slate up top. 42- "Custom K'NEX" climbing structures on top and bottom allows snakes temperature control and exercize.
43- Connie Constrictor checking out the new crib. 44- She LOVES IT!!! 45- I added a curtain up top to regulate light into the room.