/ˈimij(ə)rē/ speaker_black
1. The formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively: the dim imagery of a dream.

2. Visually descriptive or figurative language, esp. in a literary work: "Floyd uses imagery to create a lyrical emotion".

3. Visual images collectively: "computer-generated imagery".

I love Photography. I love images and imagery. I am a very visual person. I bought my first "professional" camera (A Canon AE-1 and a bunch of lenses) after I got out of Boot Camp in 1981. I therefore proceeded to document my entire Navy Career in quite detail between 1981 and 1987. One of my "prize possessions" to this day is that photo album diary... annotated and in chronological order. I wish I had the time to scan most of that collection and share it here, but that is unrealistic for me at present.

My passion for photography has never waned since my first camera. Digital photography has just made me more of a techno geek... albeit, a creative geek. The experiences keep getting better, the equipment and the technology keep getting better, and here I am trying to deliver "some"of that to you. It's not easy. My library is vast, time is at a premium to code all these pages and put it up on-line, and the technology keeps changing fast! But here it is anyway. I hope you enjoy it. And, better yet, I hope you get to jump in and document some of it with me so we can post it here! :-)

PICTURE PLAYER TIPS: Putting your cursor over the main picture window will pause the player on that image. The "left" and "right" arrows on the sides of the player will let you increment in that direction. Place your cursor on the film strip at the bottom to scroll through the images and select one.

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