/līf/ speaker_black
1. The condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

2. The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence.

3. The interval of time between birth and death.

existence - lifetime - living - being - spirit

When I was a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. I still do! I have had all kinds of pets my whole life, from insects to reptiles and amphibians to birds to mammals to fish... domestic and wildlife. One of my first jobs was being an Animal Warden for Union County ASPCA as a teenager. My love for animals and also for photography and videography was a natural match. My favorite subject to film or photograph is definitely wildlife and animals. I never get tired of it. My dream gig would be a nice contract with National Geographic to study and document some exotic species in some exotic place. Till then, I will continue to do it on my own.

Animals and Wildlife